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Mac Miller Album Review – GO:OD AM

Within the past month, Mac Miller dropped a new album called GO:OD AM, telling people to have a good morning. The seventeen-track album, released by the Pittsburgh rapper, sold over 90,000 copies within the first week. His new album has a new sound to it, many of which one can jam to in the car. Some common favorites on the album are “Brand Name,” where he speaks on how life is not how we perceive it through an extended metaphor about brand name clothing, “100 Grand Kids,” showing his extensive change as an artist, how he used to believe he knew everything, but now realizes back then he didn’t know much, and “Time Flies ft. Lil B,’’ a song with a wild beat that is taken miraculously by Mac that will have one bumping to the bass.

I would say the most important song on the album would “Perfect Circle / Godspeed.”  In this track, Mac gets deep on the pressing issues in his life, and reveals the meaning behind his album cover and name. Due to his long process in making this album, he is going to get paid off by having a very extensive tour.

The tour will include stops in Boston, Toronto, and Melbourne, all occurring within two weeks. He will keep up this amount of traveling for three month straight. Ranging from his first concert on the 20th of September in his hometown, Pittsburgh, to his last concert on December 20th in Toronto, Ontario.

This amount of touring is indubitably tiring, but can bring in some serious cash as well as establish a solid fanbase. Each ticket being $35.00, and assuming he sells a sparing amount of 1,000 – 2,000 tickets per show he is making around $50,000 a show just off tickets. Then add all album and clothing sales, multiply that by three months and you have multiple chains, cars, and houses.

In one song off the album, Mac Miller quotes, “I’m at the top of my game,” within the chorus. This is very debateable, as many people prefer his older music. Mac Miller’s high-school music was loved by many and is what many attribute to his come up. But the rapper now creates different music, for he is a different person. Coming from a person who idolized Mac for over five years, saying that he his music has declined in quality is profound, yet accurate. His music used to appeal to all and was “not hard to like,” now there are many conflicting views on whether or not he should maintain his spot so high up in the rap game. The album is not bad, it has many songs with catchy rhythms and some good lyrics, he has just changed as an artist, which is inevitable after being in the game for over six years. Overall, the album was not my favorite, but still pretty good. Lord Pretty Flacco knows he’s got some good competition and various artists will continue to push him to strive for greatness as well as rankings within the the rap game.

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  1. I thought that both this article and album were fire, I do agree that it’s not the best album of the year, but it will be up there.


  2. I agree, I think Mac has overall changed as well as his music but who knows maybe his the future for his songs will be even greater. I really liked how you explained what some of his songs meant. I am definitely going to check out his new album.


  3. I really liked this review, especially on how it goes back and talks about the music Mac Miller used to make, and how the vibe of his music has changed after rapping for 6 years.



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