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Equality: It’s JUST that simple

“Equality. It’s JUST that simple.” says Jess Corr, co-president of the Just Club. The Just Club is one of TL’s newest clubs.

Corr says the club’s objective is “to raise awareness of sexism in our school.” The club’s co-presidents, Corr and Elena Cavender, thought it was a necessary to have an equality club at TL. Its purpose is to be a club about “equality rather than to bash on guys,” says Vice President, Selena Khisa, adding, “I think the idea of gender equality is seen as just a women’s issue… I think people should debunk that the idea is isolated only to one gender and show how it really affects everyone.” In fact, there are three boys in the club and Corr encourages more boys to join. There are around 35 members in the club, and generally 20 members show up to every meeting. Lisa Cummings, a TL English teacher, volunteered to advise the club and Alex Robins, the new history and government teacher, attends some meetings as well. The club meets every Friday at lunch in room 304, and discusses upcoming events.

Just Club has many upcoming events to promote the club and raise awareness of sexism at TL. Since the club is new, Corr wants to “introduce the club to TL students” by filming a PSA. Corr envisions a humorous film about women’s low salaries compared to men’s salaries. She hopes to show it at a rally or in tutorials in a few months. Corr also mentioned an idea about “transforming a TL hallway into a women’s hall of fame.” This project would recognize women who contributed greatly to society but went unnoticed for their actions.  Corr mentions how many women do not get the praise they deserve from their actions. Although domestic abuse month is officially in the month of February, Just Club plans to acknowledge the losses from domestic abuse in November, on Day of the Dead. The names of women who died from domestic abuse will be written down on paper flowers and individually hung on different tree branches in the front of the school. Just Club plans to further their own awareness by attending a book signing event on November 10th with author Gloria Steinem, a leader of feminism, who recently wrote My Life on the Road. All of these events are planned to spread equality at TL. The new club has already done an event to kick off the year. This past month, October, the club went on the field trip to Mill Valley Film Festival where they watched a movie about the gender gap in coding.  

This new club will keep expanding as the years progress. Co-presidents, Corr and Cavender, along with VP, Khisa, are working their hardest to raise awareness of gender inequaltiy not only at TL, but in society. As Khisa says,“some people think that sexism is no longer a problem in modern society, and the club hopes to start the conversation regarding why it is still an issue.”

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